Play-Doh Ice Cream Scoop Surprise  Frozen Olaf Disney Pixer Shoppkins

Play Doh Ice Cream dessert food flavors in this video include cherry ice cream scoop, bubblegum ice cream scoop, vanilla ice cream scoop, strawberry ice cream scoop, grape ice cream scoop.

Girls will enter a big world of tiny grocery collectibles from Moose Toys with Shopkins! They are quite similar to Annoying Orange and Trash Pack but more like grocery talking fruits such as milk, cheese, mushrooms, lipstick, apple, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, banana, peach. Inspired by items found in the grocery store or supermarket, from Sweet Desserts to Frozen Food, each little Shopkin will bring non-stop shopping fun to girls. Girls can complete their Shopkins experience with playsets that connect together to create the ultimate Shopkins world.