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Peppa Pig is also known around the world as:
Peppa zhū (粉红猪小妹), Pepa Prase, Prasátko Peppa, Gurli Gris, Pipsa Possu, Peppa Wutz, Πέππα το Γουρουνάκι, Peppa malac, Gurra Grís, Peppa no buta, (粉红猪小妹), Peppa Gris, Świnka Peppa, A Porquinha Peppa, Purcelusa Peppa, Свинка Пеппа, Pujsa Pepa, Greta Gris, Peppa Pinc.

Everyone loves Peppa Pig from toddlers, infants and preschool children. Peppa pig is a pig girl that loves jumping in muddy puddles and playing with her family and friends, daddy pig, george pig, mummy pig, campervan,
Peppa pig is also called in other languages: Pigsa Possu, Porca Peppa, la Porqueta, Porquinha Peppa, Cerdita Peppa, 粉红猪小妹, ペッパピッグ, Miss Pink Pig , Praščić Pepa , Prasátko Peppa, Peppa Big, Pipsa Possu, Peppa Wutz, Πέππα το Γουρουνάκι, Πεππα το γουρουνάκι, Świnka Peppa, , Purcelusa Peppa, Свинка Пеппа, Pepa Prase, ,Pujsa Pepa, Peppa Gris, Gurli Gris, Gurra Grís, Peppa Pinc, Pepa, Peppa no buta, Peppa zhū, pink Peppa, Peppa Muc, Пепа Прасе, пепа пигс, Peppa Malac